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Metamorphosis class

Time Starts: 9:30am
Teacher: Pst. Alex Silver
Topic: The reward of soul winning

Any service rendered without a reward is a punishment
Mark 10:28-30

Divine visitation and protection as a reward of soul winning-acts 18:9-10

Sunday Service
Time Starts: 11:00am
Ministering : Dr. Antoni Okoh
Topic: Why first fruit and seed sowing doesn’t work for some people

Gen 14:17
Some people may give without getting getting results.

Here are some of the things that hinder harvest:
1. Giving by obligation: when you give without revelation, it hinders harvest. Giving must be done by revelation not obligation.
2. When u give without faith.
3. Negative confessions: when you give your seeds, your confessions must remain positive even when things are not rosy.
4. Bitterness n unforgiveness matt5:23
5. Giving with a wrong heart 2chron 25:1-4
6. Giving with a wicked heart Pro31:27
7. Lack of consistency and patience
-Revelation gives birth to faith
-partial obedience is disobedience

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