Preacher: Dr. Antoni Okoh

Topic: Open doors; the adversary factor

-Open doors are opportunities opened to you

-1corinthians 16:9 there are open doors but there are also many adversaries. As a child of God, you should not leave anything to chance

Adversary Manipulations

-Through dreams: Strange encounters in dreams where opportunities are aborted. Matthew 13:25

-Through curses: either from your linage or self imposed Jeremiah 22: 30

-Through witchcraft manipulation Matthew 10:36


-When you notice the activities of the adversary, intensify your prayers

-Revelation 3:8 your works

Note: When you are too busy to work for God, it’s a gateway to closed doors


Prayer points

-Every attack against your door is aborted, in Jesus name.

-The maturity date of evil that has been programmed in your dreams is cancelled, in Jesus name.

-Stolen virtues through dreams, be recovered now, in Jesus name.

-Every adversary standing at the door of your breakthrough is destroyed in Jesus name.