Day of Recovery

Host: Pastor Antoni Okoh
Luke 5:16-25; 5:1 numbers 22:5

The power of God can be present but it must be triggered.
The journey to recovery comes with a price. You must be willing to pay the price. You must do whatever God asks you to do. Don’t let anything become an obstacle
If you must recover there is something God must see, that is, your faith. Faith can be seen.
The enemy of the best is the good.
You’ve been waiting for God’s move but God is waiting for your move. It is your move that will determine your next move.
When you become sentimental, you go nowhere 2kings 4:1 Mark 12:41-43
There’s a price to pay and a future to gain. No price is too much for your next level, LET GO!!!
If a man can sponsor your destiny, then it’s small one.