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The Donation Instruction guild here is to help you ease your payment on our system.

If you wish to use the Online Banking Fund Donation Option, please follow the following steps.

Online Banking

1 – Log into your personal internet banking system as provided by your bank

2 – Copy any of the account details suitable as provided here –

3 – Complete your form on your internet banking accordingly and transfer your donation. (Internet Banking Token given by your bank may be required for the donation)


1 – Visit your bank of choice

2- Copy the account details here –

3 -Complete  the teller and transfer your donation


If you wish to use the Online POS Fund Donation Option for MasterCard, VisaCard and Verve, please follow the following steps.


1-  Complete the form with your personal details as shown below, see link here-


2 – Confirm your payment donation  information as shown below and click donate.


3 – Select your preferred means of donation from the drop down. (MasterCard, Verve, Visa)


PS: If you are making your donation outside Nigeria, please select the MasterCard International from the drop down, your funds will be converted to the Naira Currency on our interswitch  payment gateway  inline with Central Bank of Nigeria policy. 

Conversion rate is currently set at 1 USD = 199 Naira

4- Fill the form  using the details on your Credit Card and click pay.