Preacher: Prophet Soji Elijah

Theme: Empowerment against Strongholds and Barriers

Topic: Provoking Angelic Empowerment

Text: Hebrews 1:13-14; Psalm 104:4; Psalm 103:20; Revelation 12:7,13-14,17; Judges 13:20-25

Key notes

  • Barriers and strongholds can be handled
  • God’s manifestations cannot be limited
  • As an heir of salvation, you are entitled to angelic ministrations
  • You engage in unnecessary stress because u have not engaged the ministry of angels
  • The reason why things are not working out for you is because your angel is weak
  • Some gates can only be opened by angelic ministrations Acts12:7-13

Preacher: Pastor Antoni Okoh

Topic: Humility

Key notes

Reasons to Walk In the Spirit to Humility

  • Pride can provoke God to resist you-James 4:6
  • You receive grace/He will lift u up- James 4:10
  • Pride is key to a soon coming destruction-Proverbs 29:23; Proverbs 16:18;11:2
  • Pride is a catalyst to doom
  • Pride is demonic
  • Remain little in your eyes n God will lift you

How to be Humble

  • Have a child-like attitude
  • -be swift to forgive
  • -be teachable
  • -emulate good things

Preacher: Pastor Makanjuola

Topic: Power of Worship for Authority

Text: Mark 5:1-13; Ezekiel 2:1-2; Acts 1:4-8; Ecclesiastics 3:1

Key notes

  • What you give attention to controls you
  • Worship keeps God spell bound to you
  • God has a need and it’s worship
  • When principles are fulfilled result is sure
  • God does not bless you in time but in season. The time is the process
  • You cannot manifest until you are authorized

Preacher: Pst taiwo ashiru

Topic: Holiness

Holiness is total obedience to God

Why Should I Be Holy?

  • It is a commandment from God
  • It’s an attribute of God
  • To please God heb11:5
  • It is God’s calling for ur life

How Does Holiness Come?

  • Holiness come by the spirit of God 2thess2:13

Rewards of Holiness

  • Holiness will make you see God-Hebrews 12:14
  • Long life/protection- Psalm 91
  • Security n protection- Job 1:1-10

Preacher: Pastor Tunde Ajose

Topic: Soul-winning

Reasons for Soul Winning

  • Soul winning is a command from God
  • The harvest is plenty but the labourers are few
  • We have been given the ministry of reconciliation

Rewards of Soul Winning

  • Answered prayers-John15:16
  • Supernatural provision/supply- Matthew 6:33

Consequences of not Winning Souls

  • The blood of those not saved will be required from you-Ezekiel 3:18

Preacher: Pastor Antoni Okoh

Topic: Empowerment against Strongholds and Barriers

Text: Matt 10:1-5

Being empowered is being able to do things yourself.

Empowerment against Strongholds and Barriers; Hindrances

  • People think they are not spiritual enough
  • Sin consciousness: the devil tries to intimidate you by reminding you of your sins and weaknesses. Isaiah 54: 14 every believer is established in righteousness, not righteousness this is earned but righteousness that is received by faith.
  • The ‘I am not ordained’ syndrome luke9:49

Factors to Be In Place

  • Baptism of the Holy Ghost. Mark 16:17
  • Fasting and prayer
  • Holiness 1john 5:18