About the Ministry

Sovereign Word Church is a ministry dedicated to the total recovery of the sick and the afflicted, we exist to minister the Love of God to others in need.
We are helped of God in times of trials, so that we having been helped of God are able to minister to others who are going through what God has helped us from.
We are saved to save others, we are healed to heal other, that is why we exist as a church. (2 Cor 1:3-4)



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Meet Our Pastors

Rev. Dr. Antoni Okoh

Rev. Dr. Antoni Okoh

Senior Pastor and Founder Sovereign Word Church
Pastor Lucy Okoh

Pastor Lucy Okoh

Co- Founder Sovereign Word Church
Pastor Alex Silver

Pastor Alex Silver

Pastor, Sovereign Word Church Abuja Nigeria
Pastor Dele Ashiru

Pastor Dele Ashiru

Pastor, Sovereign Word Church Ghana